Tasting Your Homebrew

It was a lazy Friday night and all I wanted to do was watch some TV and drink some good beers before I went to bed. I’d had a crazy week at work and this sounded perfect. I grabbed a bottle of my Rye Can’t We Be Friends out of the fridge and cracked it open. It had a nice carbonated sound to it, considering it was just barely two weeks since I bottled it. I poured it out into a glass and watched the colors change. I love that reddish-copper color. Since it’s still young, I didn’t get much of a head on the top. I took a whiff and appreciated the dry-hopping I did with the Centennials. It wasn’t an overpowering hop aroma, but it was enough to get you curious. The taste was delicious. I got a shot of citrus hops at the front and a blend of spicy and bready rye flavors at the end. I shared a taste with my friend and he agreed. Tasty! I noted to him that the beer was just short of 3% alcohol. Now that’s a friendly, tasty beer.

I have so much pride in the beer I make, even though I do not sell it. Does it matter whether or not the beer comes out good? Of course it does! I wouldn’t make crap for myself. I take great pride in my beer. And so should you! Whenever you find yourself brewing up a batch of bubbly, make it special. Make it yours. Because that is what brewing is all about. Look at brewing your own beer as art. You are starting with a blank canvas and creating something that is your own. The appearance, aroma, and taste are all yours to form. When you taste that homebrew, be proud and look back on your hard work. I plan to release more recipes so you can try them for yourself. But for now, I ask that you be adventurous and courageous in your brewing. Be special. That is “Living the Craft Beer Lifestyle”.


Miguel Torres: I'm a craft beer fanatic, a homebrewer and President of California Castaway. I love the relaxed, fun-loving craft beer lifestyle and will rave about it to anyone who's willing to listen.

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