Interview with Craft Beer Drinker: Jade of Hoptech Homebrew

I am always very interested when someone tells me they would like to be interviewed as a Craft Beer Drinker on our site. I always look forward to reading the responses to the questions. Everyone is different and so far everyone has answered the questions in their own great way. The one thing that everyone seems to mention is that they love craft beer. I posted a post (that sounded weird) on Facebook asking my fellow craft beer drinkers if they would like to be interviewed for our site. Jade of Hoptech Homebrewing Supplies responded with “We drink craft beer”. I immediately shot her a message and initiated conversation. It appeared our mission statement of Living the Craft Beer Lifestyle appealed to her and her company. It’s always great to meet people with the same passion and interests. Here is Jade of Hopetech Homebrew’s responses.

CC: What is your favorite craft beer?
Jade: The phrase ‘the one in my hand’ is so over used but so true. I love to drink local as much as possible. I’m lucky to live in an area that has amazing beer. I’m pretty much across the board on styles. Summertime I love a Best Bitter, colder months some big old malty thing. I love IPAs but also love to buy a big malty that I can lay down for a year or 2.

CC: How many years have you been drinking craft brews?
Jade: About 9 yrs.

CC: What was your first craft beer experience?
Jade: Stone Arrogant Bastard, sorry but still not a favorite.

CC: So you homebrew huh?
Jade: I do. My husband has been HB’ing for about 6 years, I started 2 yrs ago. I am an Extract w/grains brewer. Love brewing!

CC: If you could have a six-pack of any beer in your fridge, what would it be?
Jade: Wow! Really tough question. My favorites change all the time. Bells Two Hearted Ale comes to mind mainly because it is good and hard to get here so when it does come along I do tend to drink it in excess.

CC: What is your best beer moment/memory?
Jade: Not sure if it is best or the scariest……about 6 yrs ago when the Wall Street Journal said the rarest beer in the World was Stone Vertical Epic 2002 and I had 5 of them. We immediately moved them (and all other Epics) to an off site wine locker!

CC: Why do you love craft beer?
Jade: Because it is just so different and wonderful. I love the vastly different flavors, aromas, colors. It is food in a bottle. When we go to a brewery I get everything they have on tap in little glasses. I’m a taster and I want to taste everything.

CC: Do you prefer craft beer over the Big 2? If so, why?
Jade: I do. If it is hotter than the hinges of sin and the only thing available is an ice cold Bud, I’ll go for it. But to drink for flavor, Craft is the way to go. I like things brewed with love, you can taste the difference.

CC: What is your favorite food/dish?
Jade: Who is your favorite child? I am a flavor junkie, love sushi, mexican, pub grub. Really good salads.

CC: What are your hobbies?
Jade: Reading, driving, brewing, drinking, photography. Luckily they can all be done in the same day!

CC: So HopTech Homebrew? Tell us about it.
Jade: After 20 years I was given a choice, move to Houston or be laid off. So I became unemployed. My husband had been brewing about a year. After a few years the owner of Hoptech came to us and offered to sell HopTech to us. It took my husband 6 months to talk me into it. Then another 6 months of negotiation for the price. It was an interesting process. We became the 3rd owners of a 27-year old company. We have made extensive changes since buying it and I have fallen in love with the place.

CC: What has been your experience being a part of the craft beer community?
Jade: Excellent! Brewers are easy going folk. Again, I live where there are new taps cropping up all the time. We are swimming in craft beer. I love be part of a community that is open, friendly and supportive. Once in a while you hit upon that beer snob asshole but they are very few and far between.

CC: What would you recommend or tell the craft beer noob?
Jade: Taste everything you can. Always try something new.

CC: We here at California Castaway live by slogan “Living the Craft Beer Lifestyle”. What does that mean to you?
Jade: Kind of like living aloha……be kind to others, always have a smile on your face. Mainly, enjoy what is around you…. food, people, beer. Be open to new things. We are all in this together.

We would like to thank Jade for taking the time to share her thoughts. It is people like Jade and Hoptech Homebrew that keep the Craft Beer Lifestyle alive. We as a community work together to strengthen the craft beer world. Next time you are shopping around for homebrew ingredients and such, head on over to Hoptech Homebrew’s website and order some great stuff for your new batch. Cheers to you Jade, and a cheers to Hoptech Homebrew.

Jade and Roberto

Jade and husband Roberto of HopTech Homebrew

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