Interview with Craft Beer Drinker: David Fleitas-Velez

Google+ has introduced me to some pretty cool people. David is one of those cool folk. David expresses his love for craft beer quickly and to the point. Cheers my good sir.

CC: What is your favorite craft beer?
David: Downtown Brown.

CC: How many years have you been drinking craft brews?
David: 7 or 8.

CC: What was your first craft beer experience?
David: Anchorhead.

CC: Do you homebrew
David: No.

CC: If you could have a six-pack of any beer in your fridge, what would it be?
David: Guiness or Downtown Brown.

CC: What is your best beer moment/memory?
David: 10 years old, cousin’s baptism, old style.

CC: Why do you love craft beer?
David: Flavor diversity.

CC: Do you prefer craft beer over the Big 2? If so, why?
David: Depends on money…lol.

CC: What is your favorite food/dish?
David: Chicken Fricassee

CC: What are your hobbies?
David: Fishing, computers and music.

CC: What has been your experience being a part of the craft beer community?
David: Ok. Some people are dicks like anywhere else.

CC: What would you recommend or tell the craft beer noob?
David: Try everything.

What do you think about Living the Craft Beer Lifestyle? Let us know.

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