Interview with Craft Beer Drinker: Alisha Miranda

I sat down with my wife Alisha and decided to put her in the hot seat for a few minutes to kick off our Craft Beer Drinker interviews. Ally has come a long way as far as beer drinking. She started as any beer drinker would, drinking Coronas, Heinekens and Bud Lights. She thanks me for opening her eyes to the craft beer world. She was very excited to be interviewed about her craft beer preferences. Here is how the conversation went:


Interview with Brew Master of Mad Fox Brewing

At first glance, Bill Madden seemed busy keeping an eye on the restaurant, Mad Fox Brewery. His role has changed from brewer to co-owner. Now that he runs a restaurant, he has to keep an eye on the tables, the bar, and the host’s area. Bill had just gotten out of a budget meeting, so I tried my best to keep our conversation casual and fun at the bar.


Interview with Managing Partner of Smith Commons

Washington D.C. is slowly becoming a hot spot for bars that serve craft beer and gastropubs that tack on delicious eats. On the H Street Corridor, you will find a slew of these types of places – some old and some new. All independently-owned. The newest kid on the block is Smith Commons Dining Room and Public House. If you happen to be in the area, check out the restaurant as they should be up and running by December. Visit the site for more information. For now, read the Q&A session we had with Managing Partner, Miles Gray to learn more about him and the restaurant.


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