Beer Review: Oberon Ale

Beer Name: Oberon Ale

Price: $9.99 for a 6 pack of 12 oz. bottles.

ABV: 5.80 %

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

Brewery: Bell’s Brewery

Color: This brew poured a clear, golden-orange color right into my 16oz. pint glass. A nice haze grows after the last pour, but not too much to where it is a classic wheat ale. I got about a one finger head, slowly dissipated leaving no lacing.

Aroma: I smell heavy wheat and a faint citrus note. I’m pretty sure that is coming from the yeast and not the hops. But a sip will help me narrow that down a bit.

Flavor: This is definitely a lighter take on a traditional American style of wheat beer. It starts off light and refreshing but continues to waft over your tongue with a hearty wheat flavor which is supported by more hops than I expected. So I would say the citrus notes in the aroma were 75% hops, 25% yeast. The wheat flavors are amazing, like taking a bite out of light and fluffy piece of fresh wheat bread.

Finish: It’s hard to judge the finish of a beer that is so thirst-quenching, so tasty, that you can’t even wait for the after effects. Between the pizza dough mouthfeel and the citrus finish, this was quite a great beer to enjoy on a hot day.

Comments: Hot times, summer in the city! All I’ve got for you is a sack full of pity…because I have a six-pack of this beer and you don’t. Drinking this beer almost inspires me to sit out on the deck and stare off into the wilderness while I enjoy the beautiful weather and write my personal manifesto. I say almost because I don’t have wilderness in my backyard and I don’t know the first thing about writing a personal manifesto, let alone a children’s book. I do think of this beer as the perfect upgrade for the buy-curious beer drinker who usually has Blue Moon in their fridge. Pay a couple bucks more and drink this beer. You’ll thank me later while you’re writing your manifesto and “Living the Craft Beer Lifestyle”.


Miguel Torres: I'm a craft beer fanatic, a homebrewer and President of California Castaway. I love the relaxed, fun-loving craft beer lifestyle and will rave about it to anyone who's willing to listen.

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