Beer Review: Enjoy by 09.21.12 IPA

Beer Name: Enjoy by 09.21.12 IPA

Price: Got this as a late B-Day gift from my Brother in California. Thanks Bro.

ABV: 9.40%

Style: American Double / Imperial IPA

Brewery: Stone Brewing Co.

Color: This brew poured a hazy, amberish, golden color. Can you say HEAD? I got a nice, white, 2 finger head that dissipated slowly and left a nice trace of lacing along the glass. I was able to see my gulps in levels. This was poured into 16oz. pint glass.

Aroma: Once I popped the top off, I took a sniff. A nice citrus, flowery hops smell. This was probably one of the most aromatic beers I have ever had the honor of sniffing. Very inviting to the nostrils. The smell says “Hey you, yeah you. Stop smelling and get to drinking already.”

Flavor: Took my first sip and POW, the hops gave me the good ol’ 1-2 punch. Very, very nice. And the fact that it was still fresh made it all the more exciting to drink. You really get the citrus zing and a subtle floral pop. Overwhelming usually isn’t a good thing; but in this brew, it was more than welcome. It was amazing.

Finish: The aftertaste was hoppy, obviously, in a good way. This brew had a nice full body with light carbonation. The maltiness gave a perfect balance to the hops which didn’t overtake the sweet bready flavors.

Comments: You have probably already read a few of my Stone Brewing Co. reviews and are probably tired of reading about how much I praise their beers. Well if that is the case, then be prepared to read the praise on this one. I can honestly say I was on a hunt for this brew. I was hoping that magically one of my local beer shops would get a few here and there, but no. I then decided to contact my brother Juan in Escondido, CA (I know, I know, this should have been the first thing I did). I told him about the brew and to please keep his eye out for it. He searched for awhile and found that all of the places he visited were sold out…ugh (sad report to hear on a day when you want something so bad). Then, one day I came home and saw a box laying on my counter. I checked who it was from and said, “COULD IT BE?” I quickly opened the packaging like a lil’ kid opening his Gameboy on Christmas morning (Gameboys were so ill back in the day, wish I still owned mine). I tore through the bubble wrap and there it was in all of its glory. I was happy just thinking that I was one of the few in Miami, FL that got their greedy little hands on a bottle of the Enjoy. I decided to wait until the last minute to enjoy this. On the evening of 09.21.12, I opened it up and poured a glass for my wife and a glass for myself. We enjoyed the smell for a bit, then just dove in. We were both blown away by the freshness, the hoppiness and the taste. So easy to drink. I loved watching the lace stick to my glass after every sip. The ABV was strong, but put me in a happy state of mind. The carbonation was light, mixed with a full, thick body; but still so easy to drink. I enjoyed this brew with a nice bag of Veggie chips. This is one of those brews that you know is limited. You don’t know if you’ll be able to get a bottle, so you do what you have to do to get it. When and if you do succeed, you just sit back and marinate in your victory. I really enjoyed this brew. Fresh, crisp and hoppy. Cheers, Stone, for another brew well done. (Please excuse my overuse of the word “Enjoy”)

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