What is California Castaway?

I, Miguel Torres, am the California Castaway. I am originally from California and was cast away by the “seas” of change to the east coast. This doesn’t mean the waves won’t send me somewhere else or even back home someday. But right now, I am a long way from “home”. I still hold true to my Southern Californian background though. I am still a diehard Lakers & Dodgers Fan. I still maintain a laid-back, fun-loving nature. I love, miss, and support my family in all they do. I always keep an open mind. I like to breathe and enjoy the little things. I believe in a sense of community. I also firmly believe in a sense of individuality; which is why I like visiting a local farmers market or a startup restaurant in my neighborhood. I take joy in sitting on the beach in my low profile chair, holding my wife’s hand, using my free hand to take a sip of a nice pale ale, burying my toes in the sand, and watching the sunset over the big blue sea. As a matter of fact, there is nothing better than that moment. I may no longer live in California, but I still maintain my state of mind and what I believe is “Living the Craft Beer Lifestyle”.

What is the Craft Beer Lifestyle?

We at California Castaway define the Craft Beer Lifestyle as the act of embracing and embodying the culture in which craft beer has nurtured. Support, respect, quality, and a sense of community are all trademarks of the culture which drives the Craft Beer Lifestyle. The Lifestyle is that of supporting the craft beer community, your local businesses, the hard-working farmers that bring fresh produce to market, and having the understanding of why these people do what they do. There is a difference between those who do for the money and those who do for the passion. You can taste it in every bite. You can see it in every ounce of the pour from your bottle. You can hear it from the way they talk about their product. You can feel it when you walk into a brewery that was built on hard work and heart. We are here to show you that difference and enlist you in supporting their cause.

This is my definition of the Craft Beer Lifestyle. What’s yours?
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What is Craft Beer Culture?

We all come from diverse backgrounds in this country. What a beautiful thing it is to bask in the returns of welcoming and cherishing our differences. Our love of beer may be what brings us together in solidarity, but it is our willingness to accept each other’s differences that truly makes us who we are. Craft beer culture is the embodiment of thousands of unique individuals sticking to old-fashioned recipes, making wild alternatives, mixing crazy ingredients, creating new categories of beers, and forming diverse collaborations while using quality ingredients and never compromising values. Craft brewers meet cost challenges for raw materials and ingredients with a smile. Craft brewers laugh while having to deal with a highly regulated and highly taxed industry. Craft brewers are genuine in their intentions to bring you the best product they can deliver, every time. If you would like to see the American Brewers Association’s official definition of a craft brewer, you can see it HERE. Also, you can click HERE to watch an outstanding video which represents the American Craft Brewing movement. Take a few minutes to watch and receive the message from more than 35 craft brewers from all over the country. Trust me, I know you’ll love it.

What does the website do and what is your purpose?

The website is a virtual soapbox intended to be a sharing ground for all things craft beer culture-related. We intend to educate those who need it, inspire those who want it, and disseminate information from those who wish to spread it. The goal is to bring an overall understanding and respect for what the craft beer industry is doing and get people to support their local breweries in some way.

How does the name California Castaway relate to the mission of the craft beer lifestyle?

I, Miguel Torres, originally fell in love with craft beer and the culture while living in California. And now, being away from there, I am using this site as a platform to state that I am still very much alive with passion for the same values and lifestyle. I hope everyone can identify with being away from your hometown (or in this case state) and still keeping your values and traditions the same. They may not be a “California” Castaway, but they are some sort of castaway somewhere representing and spreading the craft beer lifestyle.

How can I start “Living the Craft Beer Lifestyle?

People can be involved in a myriad of ways. For starters, go out and buy a beer brewed by your local brewery. Enjoy this beverage in a pint glass and share your appreciation for it with others. Volunteer to help the brewery grow their business. Look around your neighborhood for local, small businesses. They depend on the community for revenue. Support them in their efforts to provide you the best of their services. If there are local farms in the area, buy their produce. Fresh, and cultivated with love, this might be some of the best food you will ever have. Join our forum (coming soon) and talk about craft beer, homebrewing, local events, and more regarding the Craft Beer Lifestyle.


My mission for this website is to provide information to the public regarding the craft beer culture. My vision is to share my passion for the craft beer industry and the culture it produces. I want to spread the wealth of knowledge about good beer, the people who make it happen and reasons why they pursue this lifestyle. This company is not meant for profit. Whatever revenue we take in will go towards the payment of our business expenses which will mainly consist of travel costs, event fees, and payments for goods and services. I want to learn and educate as much as possible. This is our campaign of quality, genuine hard work, honesty, and respect. Craft beer embodies so much more than a tasty libation. Craft beer is an art form. Just as a chef prepares the perfect meal or an artist places the final touches on a masterpiece, the craft brewer patiently concocts a beverage that aims to exceed even their own high standards. We will represent these artists of fermentation through our blogs, Beer Finder, merchandise, interviews, and more. We will approach each part of the website with the same meticulous preparation that goes into brewing a fine craft beer. Like a craft brewer, we will give 100% because anything less is not genuine. We will live by our values:

Quality: In the facts we gather, in the way we write, and they way we present ourselves, like the beers we brew in our home.

Passion: In our daily lives, for our family and the relationships we build, never wavering and always leading us through hard times.

Commitment: To our promises, to each other, and for the goals we have set before us no matter how difficult they seem to reach.

Respect: To craft beer, the culture, the history, and traditions, to craft brewers, local businesses, and those that provide their unending support.