3 Stars Brewing Release Party

I’ve just gotten home and couldn’t wait to write this. I just got back from the 3 Stars Release party at Churchkey. What an event to crack open the bottle on what we’ve all been waiting for over the past two years. I first heard about 3 Stars and reviewed their website back in 2010. I loved it. They talk about fresh beer, local support to their community, and beer that will knock your socks off. We’re talking about a saison that was so amazing with fresh hops and orange peel that I felt like I could sip this on the deck in the hot, hot, heat.

We arrived in perfect time to catch an amazing spot for parking, first of all. Then, on the way in, we saw Dave Coleman (head brewer for 3 Stars) and Greg Engert (Famous Beer Director for Churchkey and Birch & Barley) hanging out next to the bar/restaurant. Nice! Then, we miraculously found seats at the bar and bought ourselves the saison on cask. After we finished those, we ordered the Southern Belle, a high alcohol version of their brown ale. And by the way, that was three different versions. We ordered the draft pour, a cask aged on vanilla beans, and a cask aged on oak. I loved the draft, the vanilla bean was just divine sweetness, and the oak was nice and…oakey.

We paired our beers with a shrimp and chorizo flatbread with goat cheese dumplings. Wow, are you kidding me? Then, we started up on the Pandemic Porter, a beer that everyone in the D.C. metro area has been waiting for. Everyone, even those outside this area. So we got three pours. The first is the draft. The second is the Pandemic Porter on local coffee beans. First of all, local, coffee…beans?? Just sick! The third was Pandemic on oak. I sipped the evening-ish away (seeing as it was only 6pm at the time) with my good stuff. We finished the night with a few IPAs to show my West Coast brethren (who were with me at the time to remind me how much of a California Castaway I truly am) that the East Coast knows how to do it just as well. We bought three beers: DC Brau Corruption IPA, Flying Dog Imperial IPA (Simcoe), and Sixpoint Resin IPA. What?! What?! We sipped our beers while we stared at Greg’s amazing selection of beers that he was aging along the walls of Churchkey.

Before we left, I was able to catch Brandon Skall of DC Brau to remind him not to order one of his own beers at the bar. I caught up with Mike McGarvey of 3 Stars and congratulated him on his achievements. I also demanded Dave Coleman (head brewer of 3 Stars) to give me the shirt off his back for $1. I underbid, because he said he’d give it to me for $50. Damn! I should have bid higher. Well, it was an amazing night. I really feel I was able to celebrate an amazing achievement by a brewery who I deeply respect for so many reasons. I won’t continue to ramble on, I’ll just sit here and imagine that someday you will enjoy 3 Stars Brewing and know what it means to be “Living the Craft Beer Lifestyle”.


Miguel Torres: I'm a craft beer fanatic, a homebrewer and President of California Castaway. I love the relaxed, fun-loving craft beer lifestyle and will rave about it to anyone who's willing to listen.

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