Wild and Wonderful Beer

My wife and I were on our way home from a camping trip out in West Virginia recently and I happened to stumble upon the prettiest sight that wasn’t a beautiful mountain side or bubbling river. While traversing through the one-lane road through Wardensville, WV, I noticed a sign for Lost River Brewing. We stopped in a little after 12pm, which was when they opened that Sunday. I sat down, said my hello to the bartender, and continued to ask what was on tap. Amongst a couple of craft breweries (Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch and Sierra Nevada’s Ruthless Rye to note a few) was the only brew the place had on tap, a Black Ale. Lost River had just recently, as in a couple of weeks prior to my visit, received their license to sell their own brewed beer onsite. So I was excited to jump in on this freshness. But much to my dismay after the bartender had poured half my beer into a glass, she realized that she could serve me the beer. West Virginia law states that no alcoholic beverages will be sold prior to 1pm. I cried a little.