Beer Review: Hermitage Wheatopia Double Hefe

Beer Name: Wheatopia Double Hefe


Beer Review: Flying Dog Raging Bitch

Beer Name: Raging Bitch


Beer Review: Stone Vertical Epic 10.10.10

Beer Name: Vertical Epic 10.10.10


Interview with Craft Beer Drinker: Alisha Miranda

I sat down with my wife Alisha and decided to put her in the hot seat for a few minutes to kick off our Craft Beer Drinker interviews. Ally has come a long way as far as beer drinking. She started as any beer drinker would, drinking Coronas, Heinekens and Bud Lights. She thanks me for opening her eyes to the craft beer world. She was very excited to be interviewed about her craft beer preferences. Here is how the conversation went:


New Year, New Mission

Ladies and gentlemen, California Castaway is back! It’s been a long Christmas vacation and we missed you guys. We have been doing some drinking and talking to make sure we are staying on track with what we promised in our Vision Statement. We want to share our passion for this crazy little thing called craft beer. We want more people to drink craft beer, not just because it tastes good, but because of the great men and women who brew. We will continue to emulate their efforts through quality, passion, commitment, and respect. Our expectations are high for 2011. We hope to meet those expectations through some minor changes. You will see more interesting blogs from Nico and Miguel. Our Beer Finder and Calendar will thrill you with all of the updated content by Jay. You will see many more reviews of beers that we come across. We will publish as many wallpapers, fun guides, and more as we can on the Freebies page for your enjoyment. We expect to have merchandise on sale soon so you too can sport your love of the craft beer lifestyle. We plan to connect to every valuable beer-related website on the Internet in order to give you the most education and news. And we will also be more involved in charity work to help support our local communities. We can’t do this all on our own though. We need all you other Castaways to let us know where we are succeeding and where we are failing. The message of craft beer is not coming from a single voice. That much should be clear through the diverse videos for “I Am a Craft Brewer” and I Am a Craft Beer Drinker”. We hope you enjoy 2011 as much as we plan to. Take care, and keep “Living the Craft Beer Lifestyle”.

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