“Rye Can’t We Be Friends” Extract Recipe

• 1 lb German Rye Malt
• 1 lb Carapils Malt (Adds body and mild sweetness)
• 1 lb Pale Ale Malt
• 3.3 lbs Light Liquid Malt Extract
• 1 oz Simcoe Hop Pellets
• 1 oz Chinook Hop Pellets
• 2 oz Centennial Whole Leaf Dried Hops
• White Labs 041 Pacific Ale Yeast
• 6 gallons of bottled spring water

OG: 1.030
FG: 1.010
ABV%: 2.63%
Primary Ferment: 7-10 days, or until you see no more bubbling
Secondary Ferment (dry hop): 7 days, just enough for the hops to seep in and leave a healthy aroma.

1. Bring 3 gallons of water to 155 degrees. Turn off the burner.
2. Steep the grains in a muslin bag for 30 minutes
3. Remove the bag and discard.
4. Add enough water to get the wort up to 4.5 gallons.
5. Start the boil. This may take a while. Once the boil begins, start your 60 minute timer.
6. Pour your liquid malt extract into the pot.
7. With 45 minutes remaining, add the Simcoe hops.
8. With 15 minutes remaining, add the Chinook hops.
9. With 5 minutes remaining, add the Whirfloc tablet or Irish moss for clarification purposes.
10. Once your 60 minutes is complete, cool the wort to 80 degrees.
11. Once the wort is at 80 degrees, transfer it to the fermentation bucket.
12. Once you have added the wort, pour an additional amount of cold water to get to 5 gallons.
13. Check the original gravity with a hydrometer.
14. Pitch your yeast and aerate/agitate.
15. Allow to ferment for 7-10 days.
16. Rack to secondary. Add the dry whole hops and let it sit for 7 days.
17. Rack to your bottling bucket and bottle away.
18. Store your bottles somewhere cool for the next 2 weeks while they condition.
19. Enjoy the friendliest beer on the planet…”Rye Can’t We Be Friends”

“Rye Can’t We Be Friends” in all of it’s glory. Cheers.

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